Fudan University’s Hackathon 2016

October 14th – 16th (Friday – Sunday)

ZhiHe Lobby GuangHua Building
Fudan University

About Us

Hackathons have grown to become a global student movement. Now Fudan University will also join this movement by creating HACK×FDU this Fall semester. HACK×FDU will select 300 best student developers across China and invite most splendid sponsor companies across China and Silicon Valley to join our hackathon on Friday, October 14th, 2016 at Guanghua Building, Fudan University.

HACK×FDU will last for 36 hours throughout October 14th weekend, and allow teams of up to five students to compete in the hackathon. Our event will offer various top open-source companies’ APIs and SDKs for student developers to hack on. In the end, students could quickly self-learn and apply those tools to develop different kinds of application and product prototype.

During the course of HACK×FDU, students will learn how to deliver a product under 36 hours by leveraging each team member’s skillsets and covering various functions within a team. In addition to utilizing best resources provided by sponsor companies, student developers could communicate frequently with each sponsor’s engineering group to hone in their development skills.

Student developers could also take this chance to connect with each sponsor’s developers and recruiters, in order to find their right fit for future career. HACK×FDU will also invite top-notch venture capital investors to be part of the judging committee. Students could potentially benefit from those offerings by taking their projects to the next level. We hope, by the end of HACK×FDU, students will not only receive many amazing prizes, but mostly importantly have fun, make great friends and turn the craziest idea into reality!

Application Process

Hackathon Schedule

September 26th (Monday)

Various Company Presentations
API/SDK Training Session

October 13th (Thursday)

Hackathon is Ready!

October 14th (Friday)

Event Check-in and Setup
HACK×FDU Kickoff Ceremony
Sponsor Company’s Tech Q&A Session
Student Hacking in Progress and Gaming Time
(Past Night Hacking Time)

October 15th (Saturday)

Student Hacking in Progress and Gaming Time
Student Hacking in Progress and Gaming Time
Sponsor Company’s Tech Q&A Session
Student Hacking in Progress and Gaming Time
Student Hacking in Progress and Gaming Time
(Past Night Hacking Time)

October 16th (Sunday)

Student Hacking Wrap-up Time
Project Submission Deadline
Exhibition Prep and Break
Project Exhibition and Judging
Closing and Awarding Ceremony


What is HACK×FDU?

HACK×FDU is hosted by Fudan University and created by Grape Tech (Shenzhen) LLC. This hackathon inspires students to focus on “learning by doing” and “working as a team”. Student developers could hack whatever their heart desire. You could develop across software, hardware, applications, games and any sorts of extension. Our goal is to encourage open-source technology expansion and provide hands-on learning experience for students to use APIs/SDKs.

Does it cost anything to participate in HACK×FDU?

HACK×FDU is free for all accepted students! We will take care of everything including a place to have a rest at night. In addition, we will provide transportations’ compensation for students from outside of Shanghai City to join the hackathon. Come and join us now!!!

Where exactly is HACK×FDU hosting?

The major event site will be at the main lobby (ZhiHe Lobby) at Fudan University Guanghua Building 2nd Floor. The address is No. 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai.

Who can apply for HACK×FDU?

HACK×FDU will be available for any kinds of students to apply across China. After submitting your application, we will select the best 300 student talents from the application pool to participate in HACK×FDU.

We firmly believe that Innovation is a combination of arts and sciences. We are looking for the best talents across different majors. No matter your major is in general arts, mathematics, engineering field, we welcome you to apply for HACK×FDU!

What kind of information do I need to include in my application?

Besides your basic personal information, we will look forward to seeing your resume (PDF/Word format is preferred). If you have any other kind of information such as your Github username, LinkedIn profile, WeChat username, you are welcome to submit as well!

What if I do not know how to code?

HACK×FDU is the perfect time and place to learn! No one is born to code perfectly. We will encourage starters to join us and learn from the technical masters within their development fields. Of course, we would also suggest you to take advantage of some great learning tools such as Jisuanke, Code Academy, Udacity, Coursera, etc.

After my application get accepted, how can I build a team?

HACK×FDU encourages students to build team by themselves. Please make sure each team allows two to five students together. We will provide selected applicants opportunity to team up online, but if you cannot find a team before the hackathon, we will also offer you a chance for team building and brain storming after the kick-off ceremony.

What should I bring during HACK×FDU?

All you need to bring is your ID card, student ID, laptop, change of clothes and toiletries. Of course, we will provide you meals, drinks, Wifi and power as well as rest and entertainment areas. We would provide out-of-town students blankets for sleeping, but to prevent overwhelming demand, we suggest you to prepare a sleeping bag or blanket for yourself.

What I can win at HACK×FDU?

Accepted students not only have chance to win some great prizes and technology gadgets, but also receive awards from sponsor companies or even internship/full-time job offers. Nothing is impossible here, come and join us!!!

What if I have other questions?

If you have any other questions, please email us at ask@grapetech.org.

No. 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Fudan University Guanghua Building 2nd Floor


The Committee of Youth League at Fudan University

The School of Computer Science at Fudan University

Fudan University’s Student Union

Fudan Developer Network

Event Organizer

Grape Tech (Shenzhen) LLC



IBM Bluemix






HTC Vive


Draper University

Thiel Foundation





Investment Partner

Thiel Foundation


DFJ Fund

We will have even more sponsors to be released soon, please wait for our updates!

If your company would like to sponsor us, please email us at sponsor@grapetech.org! We would love to have you here at HACK×FDU!